Meet Tyrone!

Tyrone is a Brindle French Bulldog born on 04/06/2007 in Barcelona and yes! It was love at First Sight ! I felt in love from the very first moment I saw him on the breeder's house. He had a big big head at the time, very different from the other puppies and I loved his sweet eyes! I literally I surrendered to him! But when I held him on my arms I couldn't help it.....we have been never separated from this moment!

Baby Tyrone ,first day with him ( 4 month old ).

We have created an incredible bound !

Adorable isn't?

He has become Frenchie Love's inspiration

He is very smart and the cutest!

It's incredible how they can inspire so much. All his sounds, moves and poses are incredibly inspiring to me. He is so adorable! Thanks to him we create such a cute French Bulldog Gifts! 

Follow him on Instagram to see his adventures : @frenchietyrone

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question about him or regarding any Frenchie product.



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