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Who are we?

My name is Eva. I am an Illustrator /Graphic Designer from Spain living my Frenchie dream in London, Uk.

I started to draw since I was a kid. I remember myself drawing portraits of my idols or my pets at an early age. After finishing my Graphic Design studies I decide to create my brand mixing both of my passions: French Bulldogs and Illustration. 


Frenchie Love -French Bulldog Gifts -About Us

Frenchie Love - French Bulldog Gifts


Frenchie Love was created in 2011 with the idea of creating the most unique French Bulldog Illustrations transmitting the real essence of Frenchies on different products. We first started in Spain with Mugs, T-shirts and personalized jewellery having a very proudly big acceptance within the Spanish market. In 2014 my partner Justin (Illustrator & Animator) and I moved to London to start the adventure of selling Frenchie Gifts overseas.

What we do?

We create beautiful French Bulldog Gifts in our studio located in London. Inspired by all the beautiful things we love: French Bulldogs, Music, Movies, Art, Nature, Fashion...

Frenchie Love - French Bulldog Gifts

Our Inspiration: our Frenchie Tyrone

Meet the only one inspiration. Our Frenchie Tyrone, a sweet 10 years old brindle male with the cutest face.

His characteristic funny faces and poses inspire us in every design. Tyrone has a special bond with me and he can understand a lot of words or even just a look. He's a smart guy!

Frenchie Love - French Bulldog Gifts


Frenchie Love - French Bulldog Gifts


Why buy Frenchie Love Products?

Each design is unique & exclusive, specially created for French Bulldog Lovers. Being pioneers on the market with more than 7 years of experience designing French Bulldog Gifts, we only work with the best print partners who operate fulfilment centres worldwide. This means high quality products delivered swiftly to your door. 

Our aim is to keep creating new illustrations and new products continuously, offering you the best customer service experience. You can contact us if you want more information or you can follow us on Instagram : @byfrenchielove

We'd love to hear from you!

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Frenchie Love - French Bulldog Gifts
Frenchie Love - French Bulldog Gifts


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