8 Basic Care your French Bulldog Needs

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If you are thinking on get a French Bulldog, there’s some basic points you have to know before you became a proud French Bulldog owner.

French Bulldogs are not difficult to take care but they have some “needs” to make their life healthier.

Through this article I will guide you with these 8 basic “rules” to get a routine on your daily basis.

1.         Keep the wrinkles clean

All Frenchies have these deeply pronounce facial wrinkles, called “folds” as many other brachycephalic breeds. These cute wrinkles are one of the most characteristic of the breed, but these can trap all manner of things, dead skin, food, moisture, mucous and dirt.  This can lead to your dog’s face smelling offensive and other problems too.


Dirt and debris trapped can cause sores and also host a range of different bacteria, fungus or even  infections.

How often you should clean your Frenchies wrinkles can will vary from dog to dog and how dirty they get. But personally I like to clean them everyday after the morning walk on a daily basic as routine to keep them clean and healthy.

You can learn how to clean the wrinkles on French Bulldog face: cleaning the folds.

2.         Use Rise bowls for the food and water


In order to prevent vomits and the dangerous bloat I highly recommend using rise bowls for food and water. You can find them on eBay or on specialized Pet Stores.


“Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus, more commonly called “bloat”, is also referred to as “stomach torsion” or “twisted stomach” and occurs when the stomach becomes overstretched by excessive gas, often twisting or turning on itself as a result.

When this happens, the enlarged stomach puts pressure on other organs, prompting a host of bodily complications such as difficulty breathing and lack of blood supply to vital organs.”

You can read more about it on Recognizing bloat – a deadly condition for your dog

3.         Give the appropriated food


French Bulldog have a very sensitive stomach and you will have to provide the right diet in order to avoid vomits and other problems. 

Your vet can help to find the perfect diet for your Frenchie. Personally I’ve been tried a lot of brands and there are some that I cant give to my French Bulldog, and I finally found that Royal Canin Medium is the best for him, but every Frenchie is different and you will have to find out.

Another important thing is the size of the croquettes, if these are very small they usually eat them so fast and this cause vomits. Try to get a medium size croquet (royal canin medium as a size example) to make them chew more and have better digestion. I also recommend divided their daily dosis on two. One at the morning and the other half at night, this also make their digestion less heavy and prevent from more vomiting.

You can find more information about feeding your French Bulldog on Best Food for French Bulldogs

4.         Summer Precautions


There’s some precautions you have to take in Summer time in order to prevent a Heat Stroke on your Frenchie.

It’s is very important because you can cause serious health problems or even death.

You MUST NOT leave your dog locked inside your car on high temperatures.

You MUST NOT walk him or exercise him in hotter times.

You MUST NOT leave him on a patio or terrace in hotter times.

Feed him preferably at night , the digestion will be less heavy.

Never leave home without a bottle of water, you frenchie must be hydrated on hot weather. 

There’s more information about Heat Stroke on 8 tips to prevent Heat Stroke in your French Bulldog.

5.         Moisturize his nose


The nose of your Frenchie can get a little dry and it will need some moisture, you can use specialized product or use Vaseline 1-2 times per week or more if you see convenient.

6.         Keep him warm on Winter time



This dogs are extremely sensitive to the winter cold, you can see them trembling by the low temperature of the winter.

You can buy some clothes for your frenchie like a sweater, jumper o even a coat, they get use to wear it, (mine even help me with his paws to put him the clothes…he is so cute whe he does this). 

You can find nice clothes for Frenchies on Frenchie Wear, a brand specialized on French Bulldog Clothes. Sometimes it’s not easy to find the right size for them because they are small but their chest are very wide. This brand designs specially for them.

7.         Cleaning under the tail


We have to put some attention on that spot, sometimes we forged, because it is hide but can lead to sores, fungus and even infections if you don’t take care of.

Clean as same you clean the wrinkles and when you bath your Frenchie make sure you dry well this area.

8.         Keep him clean and fresh daily


Your Frenchie needs to take a bath every month but for a daily clean you can use some special wipes to keep him clean between baths. Specially wipes goes well to clean their slimes when they come from the street.

Sometimes they smell bad and the wipes can help with that as well. You can use cologne also to stop the smelling, but make sure it’s a specialized dog cologne.

Following these 8 rules, your Frenchie will be safe and healthy, you just need to get used and make it part of your dog’s routine.

I hope you find these helpful.

If you are going to become a new Frenchie owner we encourage you to read a lot about the breed before to have a good knowledge about your future dog.

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